Notorious music virtuoso AcidBrain, renowned for his genre-blurring artistry, unleashes a fresh and invigorating single ‘Rise Up’ on YouTube, that spirals beyond the conventional realms of hip-hop.

This Massachusetts-based maestro combines elements of extreme metal with an intriguing mix of hip hop, trip hop, dub, and funk, creating an extraordinary auditory experience that defies categorization. ‘Rise Up’ amplifies this fusion, featuring AcidBrain’s signature blend of gritty hip-hop beats and dynamic rhythms that are sure to captivate and invigorate listeners.

Emanating an intense, anthemic energy, ‘Rise Up’ not only showcases AcidBrain’s diverse musical prowess but also encourages listeners to transcend their boundaries and rise above challenges.

Dive into AcidBrain’s universe on YouTube and witness this exciting musical metamorphosis.

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