This is a pretty awesome new track from NightGod. NightGod is an instrumental recording artist and as the audience we think you all are going to love this track “Absent”. The overall vibe of the song has the distorted thickness of authentic instrumental recordings, and among the riffs and melodies is this perfectly fitting and genuine level of emotion and passion that makes the genre what it is. The amazing sound can be practiced, but the realness can’t be faked. If an artist doesn’t have a through and through a passion for the music they’re playing, then it won’t connect. This is far from the case with NightGod, and their latest release is a pleasure to discover.

The artist uses his art and his creativity to express a certain string of emotions and ideas in a way that no one else quite seems to do, this in itself makes it more than worth taking the time out to listen to. The track is dark and perhaps even haunting, but it’s with intention, and as always – it’s superbly produced so as to really draw your focus to each of the relevant moments within the structure of it all.

It’s a great sound in every way, and a great track – well-produced, structured with an awesome video but also a slightly more modern twist to really give those hook sections the best possible impact. As the audience, if you have gone through the whole thing, you all will figure out how creative, and marvelous the track is. The hook focuses on a particular, unique line, and that fusion of nature and the wild change concept makes it hugely memorable.

As mentioned, it’s an unpredictable fusion of elements, but all in all the vibe has a familiarity about it that is likely to bring with it an enjoyable level of nostalgia for many listeners and viewers. The freshness is the added benefit, the new melody, the new concept, the new vibe – it all helps in making the music really leave its mark. The sound and the feeling the music gives you last well after listening.

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