NIGHTGOD emphasizes the contrast between isolation and the outside world by thoughtfully unifying the speed and weight of chaos with the dreamy warmth of calm and introspection.

Above The Ground is a beautifully melodic track that has a sense of urgency about it, as though the world is refusing to slow down and the world is at a complete standstill as you gaze out through one window.

NightGod is an instrumental atmospheric music artist based in Sacramento, CA. Drawing on influences from a wide range of genres, NightGod creates immersive, emotive soundscapes that sweep the listener away into their own inner world. With a focus on creating a sense of space and atmosphere, NightGod’s music is perfect for relaxing, meditating, or simply exploring your own mind.

“Apparition” is the debut album from NightGod, and “Above The Ground” comes from it. With dreamy soundscapes and beautiful melodies, “Above The Ground” captivates the listener along with its visualizer.

NightGod has crafted a sound that is deeply personal and universally relatable, focusing on creating a sense of space and atmosphere. A legendary debut album, “Apparition, ” will sweep you away into your own inner world.

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