Ableton has revealed their innovative Push 3 device. 

The Push 3 comes in two different versions: standalone, which will run you $1,999, and one that connects to your computer and comes with a $999 price tag. 

The standalone Push 3 comes packed with an 11th Gen Core i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM, a lithium battery for 2.5 hours of play and a built-in 256GB hard drive. 

One of the newest additions to Ableton’s Push is built-in audio interface. This allows producers of the standalone product to connect directly to speakers for seamless performance. Moreover, the note editor has become more robust and feature-rich using the enhanced jog wheel.

Ableton’s primary focus point for the Push 3 was on expression, which is why the unit comes built with MIDI polyphonic expression, or MPE. With MPE, users can press more firmly on the pad to produce a more dynamic, aggressive sound. Additionally, sliding up, down, left or right leads to a bit of vibrato, while sliding across multiple pads will generate a pitch bend. 

Check out Andrew Huang’s review of the Push 3 below. 

Last year, Ableton launched their mobile app, Note. For $5.99, Note gives users an in-the-pocket solution to flesh out ideas into songs. It comes built-in with drum kits, melodic instruments and a number of synths, and users are also able to record their own sounds.

Learn more and purchase Ableton’s Push 3 via the company’s website

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