Donna Dunne, an Irish musician, and artist add depth and character to the present bluesy scene with a single produced from contemplation and heart.

The single A Friend Who Listened is a striking introduction to Donna Dunne’s unique style.

“A Friend Who Listened” weaves in an accessible, comforting tune and showcases Donna’s naturally sincere vocal lead in a familiar, pleasant manner, with classic country bends and buoyant Rockabilly rhythms.

Donna Dunne is a Dublin-based Irish singer-songwriter. Donna has been a fixture in Irish music since the release of her first single, “Woman in Black,” in 2012. Donna’s style is highly influenced by genres like Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Country, and Rockabilly.

The song “A Friend Who Listened” flows through with a cheerful air of possibilities, free from concern and transferring that same state of being upon those who listen – thanks to the color and bounce of the music.

Furthermore, Donna’s voice injects a subtle individuality that refreshes, lighting up this classic genre in a new way, with a new stamp of uniqueness, and elevating the song’s inherent emotions all the more.

The single works its structural magic with ease, especially when we consider the move to the middle for a moment of pure mounting anticipation. This is supported by the arrangement, which contrasts moments of humble acoustic presentation with those that include a much larger line-up of crashing drums, keys, bass, and guitars.

A Friend Who Listened is beautiful, unassuming, and packed with imagery that appeals. It is refreshingly arranged, lively yet warm, comfortable in style and reminiscence alike. More than that, it’s a deceptively captivating song, with its riff, increasing hook, and resolve staying long after the music has ended.

A wonderful, everlasting must-hear for originality and compassion – I look forward to hearing some more. 

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