This could well be the best release “7813” from the artist “Middlenglish” so far. It’s a stunning track that develops in a simple yet immensely satisfying way, and it’s a great piece of music to embrace as 2022 lingers on the horizon.  Instrumental with intention. This music is free from the boundaries language can at times create. Instead allowing the purity of music to speak for itself. Keep your eyes on this young artist. Preliminary tracks show incredible depth, complexity, technical mastery and natural ability.

The familiar sound and skill of Middlenglish’s performance works in unison with the untold stories he presents in creating something that is categorically his. In this case, the music surrounding and supporting the sentiment is incredibly unique as well. The gentle and the manic combine, joining forces to present this chaotic and colorful soundscape that enhances the song’s build up and hook intensely.

The further you get into this track, the better it sounds. The structure of it means that there are more than a couple of occasions on which you really appreciate the unpredictability, the sudden change in direction – the fitting freshness. The music begins in an Orchestral House, soon enough evolving into something softly caressing the edges of hip hop, later emerging as an Orchestral House composition that is completely free from the confines of genre or industry expectations.

At almost four minutes long, the further you get into this session, the more the song seems to connect. The opening verse presents a fairly delicate sound, not notably organic but fusing a little of the purity of music with something a tad more Orchestral House. Among this, the melody, soundscape, and indeed the video, all draw your focus well. Your attention is on the story line initially, this deeply personal and honest offering of experience and difficulty. You’re also likely to pick up on the distinctly contrasting, manic energy of a certain key riff running behind the mellow energy of the melody. This has a slightly hypnotic effect to it, and by the time the hook hits – you’re completely locked in.

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