BGF BIG KORNA’s 600Gambino draws you in from the offset with a softly organic hip hop ambiance – a level of space and quiet, setting a certain dancing vibe. It hits hard, a big beat, a loud, leading vocal, and the rap verse barely takes a breath from the moment the flow begins.

A versatile musician located in Chicago, BGF Big Korna has been creating music for about ten years. He is well-known for his creative work. He is a famous music hero in Chicago, where he is most recognized for his rap/hip-hop recordings.

BGF BIG KORNA gives us a glimpse of modern hip hop influenced by various sources. Despite its smooth and warming aura, the beginning riff, for example, has a distinct dance vibe to it. 

The accompanying beat, in comparison, has a much more typical rap vibe — which works great. It’s nostalgic and straightforward in creating the tone and providing the groundwork for the lyricism that follows.

Trigga600 incorporates everything you want from spectacular rap into 600Gambino, and as the intensity increases, the leading voice of BGF BIG KORNA and the soundscape expand and blossom in sync. 

The speed quickens, the groove pulls you in further and more profound. Although it takes three or four plays to get every single word and idea properly – you can quickly lose yourself in the power and rhythm of the instant. In any event, at a little under three and a half minutes, it’s not difficult to commit to a replay – on the contrary, it’s a simple joy.

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