With a dreamy rock vocal, stylish EDM and dance-pop vibes emerge, giving “5 Minutes to Midnight” a clear sense of carefree confidence and identity – L.A. Bliss crafts with affection and fun, which remain unified throughout the entire song.

L.A.Bliss is a female pop artist who has been releasing songs for over 20 years. A wondrous blend of commercial pop, raw dance grooves, and 80’s inspired hooks, she is an artist at the top of her game with energy to burn.

A nomad on the path to spiritual and musical fulfillment, she has migrated from the sunny vibes of Florida through the vistas of Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia and Nevada, until finally settling in California. Those life experiences have seen her consume the world around her, including Cyndi Lauper’s music, Madonna, Pat Benatar, and Belinda Carlisle. Those influential artists form such an integral part of her sound yet do not define it as she creates her own music uniquely.

Her music is multi-dimensional and delves into the hedonism of New York’s East Village back in the day, complemented by flourishes of the B-52’s and all the sentiment which that era embodied. Rebellion and glamor are all wrapped up in a voice that embraces a beat and a groove that will send you back in time and then bring you wheeling into the present.

Recognizable voices lead the way, slightly light but expressive, and contrast nicely with the deep and complete soundscape surrounding them. The calm resolve for the hook is lovely and allows for actual impact, given the weight of the rest of the song.

The hook takes the song into the pop-rock territory. The contrast is masterfully handled to the point where each new section delivers a euphoric sensation of intensity and urges you to tune in even more intently, effectively blotting out the rest of the world for a few brief minutes.

L.A. Bliss has beautifully developed and expressed the concept. Furthermore, “5 Minutes to Midnight” is a fantastic song to listen to — well-done, flawlessly produced, and a joy to crank up loud right now. Lyrically, the new depths make it all the more worthwhile. I eagerly await more.

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