For a song that offers a certain style of melodic development which, in itself, is enough to entertain and satisfy any number of popular music fans, the track Never Stop” presents a pleasantly surprising, high energy soundscape, which builds on that initial vibe in a strong way.  ‘Never Stop’ showcases 2SHER’s signature style and flair, offering crisp drums, tight loops, infectious bassline and an instantly recognisable quality as well.

There’s a compelling meeting between nostalgia and freshness here, in my opinion, and that brings with it an effect that is both comforting and inspiring. The past has the power to calm us, and creativity, new artistic ideas, have the power to motivate. As stated, it’s entirely up to you what you take away from this music, but it’s undoubtedly the sort that will be right at home in the long term playlist. You can easily listen over and over, and more than this – you can listen loud.

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