Taking the very heart of classic hip-hop – the mellow beat, the somewhat haunting, repetitive riff running consistently in the backdrop, the simple yet memorable hook – this latest release “2blessed” by “G Locus FT RICO LOCO” has both a classic and fresh feel to it.

The track’s mix places that leading electronic riff quite high, occasionally taking focus away from the rap vocal, but at the same time creating this hypnotic and defiant musicality that surrounds you much like any down-tempo Hip Hop track might. On top of this, the varying rap vocals between chorus sections showcase a string of ideas and characters. The storytelling varies, the verse coming in at around the two-minute mark, a mellow yet gritty performance presents these lines that grab your attention effectively. Following this, the beat kicks back in and the structure of the whole piece really influences the way in which each moment is received.

This is a wonderful release, bringing back that musically varied sound. The emotion that comes through in the words is magnified by that which can be heard and felt via the leading vocal performance. The structure of the song is cleverly utilized as mentioned, but without authenticity, without detectable realness, the concept could go unnoticed. Fortunately, this is far from the case here.

Structurally the songwriter has done exactly as is necessary in order to draw you in and keep your attention throughout. The opening few moments are gentle, subtle, introducing the storyline with delicacy and plenty of space. Then as things progress, the soundscape explodes, not through additional instrumentation, just through genuine passion and unwavering vocal ability. 

It’s an interesting song that stands out for a number of reasons. With future releases, it’s highly likely that audiences will recognize the style as well as the tone and character of the leading voice. The possibilities are endless in terms of songwriting, the lyrics have something fresh and unexpected about them. Hopefully, there’s a lot more to come.

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