Freddy Harris 3 kicks off the new season with energy and excitement, releasing the brand new New Age Soca Music crossover track “2022 Soca Music Covid Jam” and paving the way for a tremendous year.

“2022 Soca Music Covid Jam,” stylishly produced by FH3 Beats, fuses an elaborately crafted soundscape with crystal-clear Soca and dancehall elements amidst an exciting rhythm and captivating vocal lead from Freddy Harris 3.

“2022 Soca Music Covid Jam” embraces authenticity and style while telling the artist’s experience in an engaging way. Dynamic stands strong amidst a distinctly current mood that complements the moment’s sound, from lively melodies to sleek Soca rhythms and fascinating bars.

Short verses expose the visuals and additional confidence in the scene before resolving with the repetition and personality of that hook, ensuring structural variety.

“2022 Soca Music Covid Jam” delivers what it says it does, effortlessly creating an impact and demonstrating the Freddy Harris 3’s bold commitment to the style and the moment.

“2022 Soca Music Covid Jam” was created as an engaging expression, but it also serves as a genuine go-to for individuals wishing to feel a sense of purpose and possibility. There’s also an engaging undertone to the music, and the reality stated in the lyrics, which helps to ease the piece’s energy.

In this simple yet effective environment, great songwriting allows the natural groove and outstanding production to really shine brilliantly. It’s a pleasant and somewhat timeless tone. Hopefully, there will be more music in the future.

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