St. Louis’ Luh Monie Huncho takes complete grip of the process throughout this original composition “1 Minute Murder,” stylishly merging quick bars with a tremendously innovative, almost careless, and minimalist approach to sound production.

The single “1 Minute Murder” by Luh Monie Huncho is a bold, hard-hitting introduction to his music. It stands out with the simple effect of a well-crafted, haunting soundscape that loops around you, coupled with a subtly varied rhythm and a vocal tone that’s serene yet confident enough to carry the track’s tension.

“1 Minute Murder,” shorter than ever but more hard-hitting and full of vocal and conceptual grit, strikes with impact. Yet, an extensive repertoire of unpredictable, creatively unrestrained tunes cements Luh Monie Huncho’s place as a tremendously varied, unequaled hip-hop artist.

Melodic fragments collide with unrelenting outpourings of bars, resulting in a hypnotic jumble of rhythm and story-telling. The production is fantastic, with the track’s structure being tinkered with to emphasize the changing ideas from the vocalists even more. And that hook is as unstoppable as they come.

From the start, the soundtrack appears to be entirely in sync with the mood conveyed by the artwork. “1 Minute Murder” begins with a delicate, dreamy melody and a recognizable vocal line that plays throughout the song.

The single ticks many modern boxes while also blazing its path musically – and reminds you that live performance is where things really come alive.

The vocal tone, flow, space between the bass lines, and captivating, trap-style beats of Luh Monie Huncho boost the entire piece. Meanwhile, he spends time crafting something that is simply appealing – catchy bars, swagger, a carefree attitude – or something with a little more emotional depth, a little more intellectual weight.

“1 Minute Murder” is a piece of intense music. Every release by Luh Monie Huncho is astounding, distinct in its own expressive and captivating way, and highly impressive from a rap and production standpoint. This is an easy one to crank up loud as you begin to reclaim control of your year.

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