The opening and recurring sample on this track is a beautifully soulful snippet of raw human emotion and expression that sets things off on a reflective and deeply thoughtful pathway. Delrondae is a charismatic artist and songwriter who puts a lot of character into his sound. Musically, he has developed a fresh and distinctive tone, which features elements of modern hip-hop and new school influences. Inspired by artists such as Kanye West, J. Cole, 50 Cent and Nipsey Hussle.

Delrondae’s use of the sample here supports his clear and unwavering desire to express the sheer inner turmoil and difficulties of the moment in a passionate and slightly vulnerable way. His addition to the track offers a mellow beat and a vocal delivery that draws your attention for its rawness and its inherent emotional pain.

“007” is a song that brings together elements of world music – the tribal rhythms, the soulful, meandering vocal line – with something of a modern rap vibe; resulting in a piece that reaches out to audiences far and wide with its ideas and its captivating levels of energy and warmth. 

007” is a track that utilizes its own raw energy to create an intense and infectious piece of music and performance. The only moments where things fall back a little are during the hooks – an unusual way to craft a song, perhaps adding further to this sense of identity and carefree confidence that “Delrondae” undoubtedly offers. Rather than building up towards an immense drop, the entire track is that drop – the whole thing holds you captive, throwing line after line into your head until you finally reach this point of calm; where you can take a breath, consider it all, reflect on it all.

007” is an addictive release, soaked in both originality and experience, showcasing a rapper with impressive levels of skill in both lyricism – writing, wordplay – and performance. The value of it hits a certain peak that makes the quiet that follows the track feel a little too overwhelming or dull, and so begin the replays. Things start over – this manipulated, circus-like riff, Delrondae ’s immediately familiar voice and energy, these thoughtful, provocative, intelligent ideas, back into the center of the hype. With every new listen, something else stands out and recaptures your affection. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come as the year progresses.

It’s a track that leaves its mark. It’s experimental to an extent, but it also feels familiar, and somehow both comforting and unsettling all at once. It will be interesting to hear more from Delrondae  as his creativity continues to reach new heights.

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