Captivating pianist Wei Luo collaborates with renowned cello artist Qianci Liu in this instrumental “Little Reunion” with mellow grooves, lighter synths, and melodies. The classic instrumental naturally creates a peaceful realm for the listener presenting love, warmth, and passion.

Wei Luo is a well-known captivating producer, composer, and pianist, born in China, but making a unique mark upon the world throughout the span of his career. In 2013, he began to create the “Piano Essay” series of music, which had a remarkable impact on 400 million listeners all across the globe. This project captures deep emotion and thought through Wei Luo’s musical gift, creating a visual narrative captured in time.

Mr.Luo has received immense recognition as the music director of the Shanghai Bund Light Shows. His works such as “Walking in the Bund,” “Flowing brilliance…” were performed on the Bund for Shanghai International Import Exhibition and the National Day. He is also the music director and composer for “Waiting for Me,” a CCTV top-rate program. In 2019, his composition works were performed by New York International Symphony Orchestra and the United Nations Chorus at the LeFrak Concert Hall. From 2015 to 2017, he composed “HERO,” “The Wind,” “Breaking Dawn,” and “League of Legends” for the MSI World Tournament.

Leading with absolute creative freedom and undoubtedly impressive piano work, Little Reunion sets the mood with both artists’ expressive delicacy and unquestionable skills.

Incredible musicianship and a genuinely unique kind of composition that goes through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, structure, and intense emotion underlined every step of the way. Wei Luo and Qianci Liu will have you hooked with this one.

Made with passion for the process, attention to precision, and a keen ear for detailed sound design and melody. I’m eager to hear more. 

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