LSDMTHC’s attitude to hip hop is one of persistent energy, passion, and flow. “мaргаритка” (Prod. Bookthief/ZeuroPoint) is an immensely vibrant track that exposes the artist and his sound in a manner that’s impossible to deny.

LSDMTHC is an artist offering a unique viewpoint and feeling of individuality to the alternative hip-hop industry. The artist’s current video for the single “мaргaритка” displays stunning visuals that complement and accentuates the intensity and transparency of the song in a remarkable way.

LSDMTHC is working its way up in the realm of independent music. This latest single displays his lyrical ability and his wonderfully rhythmic flow in a powerful way. At the same time, though – the single delivers something pleasantly new, musically speaking.

On this record, LSDMTHC’s sense of character shines brighter than ever. His performance is precisely that – a performance, not just a reading of words – he immerses himself in the situation, displaying a level of bravery as well as a distinctive sounding voice and style that help to establish who he is.

LSDMTHC incorporates everything you want from impressive rap into this tune, and as the intensity grows, the leading vocal and the soundscape evolve and flourish in passion. 

The pace ramps up, the groove drags you further and further in, and though it takes a good three or four listens to get every single line and idea properly – you can soon lose yourself in the energy and rhythm of the moment. 

In any event, at little under two and half minutes long, it’s not hard to stick to a replay — on the contrary, an effortless delight.

Hard-hitting hip music that dares to dream and squanders vulgarity is anything but mainstream – but that doesn’t stop this track from becoming a masterpiece, putting anybody who hears it on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next album to drop.

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